For over four years, we have been very successfully producing our men’s lifestyle magazine The Heritage Post and gathered lots of experience in the process. One of the things we learnt is that there are many people who are enthusiastic and passionate about outstanding quality and authenticity. And what is more, these people generally demand these attributes not just of the things they wear, but in every aspect of their lives, including their homes. It was this realisation that led us to create our new magazine, The Interior Post.


At The Interior Post, we aim to inspire our readers to live in their dream home, and strive to support them in creating their ideal environment. We introduce new designers and re-discover old classics, move freely between living quarters and work spaces, and dedicate ourselves to presenting exceptional craftsmanship and many long forgotten materials. Our readers look to us for ideas on how to add atmosphere and character to their homes!

Quality does not stop at good food and honest clothing, but also applies to the harmonious interplay of functionality and aesthetics within the home. The Interior Post is aimed at readers who sat great store in quality in all aspects of their lives and strive to reflect true values and respectable craftsmanship. It strives to counter those that have been blinkered by a cornucopia of bargains and have lost their good taste as a result. It is not about being able to afford something, but rather deciding if it is worth saving for.

Furnishing a home is a process, it changes and evolves with time reflecting an individual’s personal journey. It becomes and extension of the owner, unique.